Monday, November 9, 2009

What have I done?!!

I volunteered to host Christmas at our new house this year . . . yes, you read that right - I VOLUNTEERED!!!!! Oh.My.God - what have I done?! We've always gone to my parents and I was just responsible for a side dish, maybe a dessert . . . I've never had to cook a big turkey or ham!!! Lord, help me. If nothing else, my culinary skills should provide comic relief for the day.


  1. Yeah! I wish someone on my husband's side would volunteer for once! :)

  2. you can do it!!! Go to You can find your recipes and it will even print your shopping list! Organize yourself and it will be FINE!! :)

  3. I just found out we are swap partners over at Clemsongirl's blog. Yea! I love your blog by the way and am so glad I found it. We have much in common. :) My monogram is NLT. My favorite colors are red and black. I have a lot of clothes in red and in black and so OI justify that as my favorite colors. Ha! :) I also love pink and green of course. Stop on over to my blog and let me know about yourself.