Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shape v. Self

Which magazine do you like better? I like both, but trying to be good and get only one subscription. Opinions please!


  1. I like both also, however I subscribe to Runner's World. Sorry, I am not much help.

  2. That is easy for me. I like Shape. I think it has more stuff to actually read about and things that are truly helpful. With the other I find it has more ads and not as much info!

    Hey- just wanted to stop by and tell you about my Southern Proper giveaway and my new kid site. I would love for you to check out both if and when you get a chance! Love ya


  3. I read both, but I think SELF has a little more information and is a bit more holistic about health in general. SHAPE is pretty much almost all diet and exercise

  4. I have never read either mags, but I would like to hear what one you chose and what you think of it.