Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Wondering . . .

While Kate is traveling city to city promoting her book, and Jon is hanging out with a 23 year old female in the middle of the night, who the heck is watching their 8 kids???? And I'm sorry, I know Kate seems like she is a bitch, but honestly a 23 year old?? C'mon Jon. You take any mother with 8 kids and compare her to a 23 year old girl and gee, who do you think will be more "fun" to hang out with?? Give the 23 year old 8 kids to take care, a house to clean, finances to balance and we'll see how much fun she still is. Give me a break. And what really gets me is now my 12 year old daughter who use to enjoy watching the show is asking me questions as to what is going on with Jon & Kate and the "other woman." Great.


  1. Heard about all this...don't watch the show. I think I saw it once or twice. I heard about her being accused of having an affair with her crazy is all of this!

  2. Ugh. I just feel for these poor little kids. What crazy nanny is having to explain to them what mommy and daddy are doing on all these tabloids?