Friday, October 16, 2009

HomeGoods Store

We are finally getting a HomeGoods store and it opens next weekend!! I.CANNOT.WAIT!!!!! I need tons of stuff for our new house and I'm hoping HomeGoods comes through for me. Does anyone know if they carry furniture - sofas, dressers, etc.?


  1. OK, not to be over-dramatic, but this place will change your life. I LOVE HOMEGOODS! They have anything and everything you could possibly want at major discount prices.

    And they do carry some furniture, although it tends to be more statement pieces than a basic sofa, etc.

  2. That place sounds cool. We don't have one of those in my area or at least I don't think so. Have fun shopping.

  3. Lord have mercy, HomeGoods is my second home. They do have furniture - this and that. Maybe one or two sofas, etc. And let me just tell you, if you see something you want - BUY IT. 'Cause if you go back later, it most likely will be gone. The good stuff goes quickly. And ask someone at the store what day they get their shipments. Go at the end of that day or first thing the next day for best selection. Usually it's Tues or Thurs. Happy shopping. You should do a post after your first visit to let us know what you found.

  4. So, as a HomeGoods lover and blogger, I want to know about your new store. What have you liked best, and what new treasures have you purchased?

    Great tip, Tammy! You are right about buying things you see right away. BTW - HomeGoods has a great return policy if you get an item home and it doesn't seem to work.