Friday, February 5, 2010

My Wedding!

I am jumping on the bandwagon and participating in Sweet Tea & Biscuits' Sips of the South series . . . this week it's Southern Weddings!!
This was both of ours second wedding so we wanted more of a casual wedding. Our wedding was so much fun and meant so much more because of our friends involved. The location was my friend's gorgeous backyard. Our bartender was another girlfriend (and for a short time my boss was back there bartending!). Photographer was a friend and the officiant was a friend - it all meant so much more to us.

It was wonderful having my daughter as my maid of honor and she also "gave me away." We walked in to the song "Jessica's Soneta" from the movie "Man from Snowy River." She thought it was neat that the song shared her name.

Hubby's son was his best man. Very casual . . . Noah got to wear shorts!

And what southern gal wouldn't want to have 2 drinks in her hand?! We had been to a wine festival and bought 30+ bottles of wine and had them at the reception. Our guests loved having a sampling of all different types of Virginia wines. I'm so glad we did that.

We also had paper lanterns hanging from the trees and white lights on trees. It was beautiful.
The next morning we headed to Charleston, SC and Kiawah Island for our honeymoon. I wouldn't change a thing about our wedding!


  1. cute ! Thanks for joining us. I love the double fisted bride -haha.. I am jealous about the kiawah island - I really want to go there some day soon. Your wedding sounds wonderful :) I am pretty sure I would have fit right in esp with the wine bottle count :)

  2. p.s. don't forget to add your post link to my blog. You will see a little box under my post that you can add your name and blog link. Tootles

  3. HEY FRIEND!!!!! I AM BACK!! I updated, lol....I think Hell has frozen over! I have missed ya.....I am def. getting back on track :)
    AND YEA...It's a South actually can have 3...1 in each hand then 1 in between your legs! (if your sitting down, ofcourse, lol)
    Have a blessed weekend and I cant wait to get caught up! XXOO

  4. Love it! The photos are gorgeous!!!!