Monday, October 4, 2010

It's hard being a Mom

How do you handle when you feelings have been hurt by your daughter, but you really don't want your daughter to know she's unintentionally hurt your feelings?? Her first homecoming dance is coming up. Her dad and I are divorced and it falls on a weekend she is with him. I guess I assumed - and shame on me for doing that - that she would want to come home to get ready for the dance. I made her a hair appt. and thought after that I'd bring her home and help her with her makeup and getting dressed. Wrongo. She told me that after her hair appt. she'll just go back to her Dad's and her Nana will be there if she needs any last minute help with the dress. So now my only involvement with my daugther's first homecoming dance is reduced to taking pictures. This stinks.


  1. Although I have sons, I understand what you're saying. It's just one of the consequences of does hurt...I wouldn't say anything. I'll guarantee if you do, she'll misunderstand and she'll feel guilty.

    Just a little advice from someone who has been there.

  2. I am so sorry! Our oldest just had his freshman homecoming and it was heart wrenching to see him get all dressed up. The crazy thing, was that when we went to go pick up his date, her parents weren't even THERE!! She had been at home getting ready for hours and they weren't even there to take pictures or fuss over her. It broke my heart.

    I hope that your daughter stops and gives you a bit of time to fuss over her, take her pictures, and share a moment or two before her big evening. It stinks when they start needing us less and less.