Monday, October 18, 2010

We survived!

I've nicknamed my daughter the "Dancing Queen"!! She attended her first homecoming dance Saturday night and danced for 3 hours straight! The next day she said her calves were sore from jumping so much . . . ahh, I remember those days!! I chaperoned and served drinks to sweaty thirsty kids. You could always tell when the DJ was playing a bad song or a slow song because we'd be bombarded with the kids then. I don't even think she minded that her Mom was there- ha!!


  1. Ohhhhh pretty pretty!!! I kinda remember those days... long ago, LOL!

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    Hope your day is BLESSED!
    XXOO Daph

  2. Very pretty! How I remember those days!

  3. Her dress is so pretty!! Glad it went great and she had had to be with sore legs!!

  4. What a beautiful girl! I'm so glad you stopped by Town and Country Mom because now I've found your blog, too, which I know I'm going to enjoy!

  5. My youngest son just went to his first homecoming a few weeks ago, but I was NOT Allowed to attend!

    Your daughter is beautiful.

    I'm stopping by from the Over 40 Bloggers group.