Friday, June 19, 2009

I love a good tag!

Brittany Ann at Living in the Moment has given me the Honest Scrap Award!! I have to list 10 honest-to-goodness facts about myself - I hope none of my truths are too bad!

1. When I was in high school, I worked for my parents’ company. As I was pulling into the parking spot next to my dad’s pickup truck (I had a Z28 . . yes, we’re talking the 80s), I cut the turn too close and my passenger door met dad’s rear bumper. Not a pretty sight – made a HUGE dent in my door. I didn’t tell my parents what I had done. Weeks later, my mom went to get into my car and saw the damage and wanted to know what had happened. I should have won an Oscar for this performance . . . I acted surprised and said someone must have hit my car at the mall!! They never knew what really happened until years later and then they just laughed. (It seems Brittany Ann and I have something in common with cars and high school)

2. I sometimes will hide purchases from the hubby. C’mon, who doesn’t do this?!!!!

3. I wish I had a passion for something. Some are passionate about exercising, a hobby, their job . . . I’ve got nothing. My job pays the bills, I enjoy exercising when I do it, but I just don’t love it and can’t seem to find a hobby to fall in love with.

4. In my early 20s, my boyfriend and I jumped the fence at my townhouse complex to swim in the pool late night. It was short lived . . . the police arrived.

5. I really wish we were taking a week vacation to the beach. Due to things out of my control, it’s not happening this summer.

6. I want to move further South. If I had to do it all over again, once I was out of college I would have moved to my dream town to start life. Once you are married with kids, it’s not so easy to pick up and move.

7. Being a stepmom is really hard.

8. I love reality TV and mindless beach reads.

9. I’m a magazineaholic – I have stacks to read!!

10. I miss the side of town I had to move from when I married hubby. I moved to his side of town which is just across the river from where I lived, but I didn’t know where anything was!! I had a meltdown the second week we were married . . . . trying to unpack my things and find places for everything in his house and learn my way around town . . . major meltdown. I think hubby probably thought he married a crazy person there for a second.

Now who else wants to play and be a victim?!! I tag Tammy, Heather, Surf Girl, and Carolina Girl to play.


  1. #2 and #9. I'm right there with you!

  2. Thanks for the tag. I am a reality TV junkie and sometimes tell hubby that old shirt? Good honest list. :)

  3. I'm with you on #8 and #9. I'm a total magazineaholic!!
    I wish I'd had a stepmom like you - it sounds like you have just the right idea.
    Thank you for the tag! I'm thinking of mine. :)