Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Birthday Girls

We have a very busy, but fun weekend ahead!! Tomorrow is my birthday (and my daughter has been kind enough to do a daily countdown of the days left till my b-day for me) and Jessica's 13th birthday is Sunday!! We are going out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate mine and then a day trip to the beach on Saturday. Sunday Jessica has 5 girlfriends coming over and we will be heading to The Cheesecake Factory for her special dinner. Then 4 of the girls will be spending the night and on Monday I will be taking them to Kings Dominion! Fun fun fun!! Lots of food and cake in store for us!
The Birthday Girls . . .

Jessica was my everything for my wedding 2 years ago . . . she walked me down the aisle, gave me away, and served as my maid of honor. Our grand entrance was even to "Jessica's Sonata" from Snowy River. Jessica is still my everything. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl and I love you MORE!! LYMI (love you, mean it)


  1. Happy Birthday to Jessica. Sounds like a great weekend ahead. Happy Birthday to you too!

  2. What a lovely post - Happy Birthday to you both. Have lots of fun. YOu both look gorgeous in your wedding picture!

  3. What a great weekend! Happy Belated Birthday to you and Happy Birthday to Jessica!