Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I've been in a beer mood the past couple of weeks and have been trying different brews. So far I have tried Honey Moon, Sam Adams Summer Ale (tonight's choice) and this one . . . so far this one has been my favorite.

I have Blue Moon in the fridge to try next. Any recommendations for a good 'ole summer beer?
ETA: I think my new favorite has become Blue Moon with an orange slice (Thank you Tammy at Up Hill at 40 for reminding me to have it with an orange slice - I would have forgotten!!)


  1. Don't forget to add an orange slice to your Blue Moon :) I love Landshark, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, and Corona Light with a lime. I am going to look for the one you have pictured. I love having a cold beer in the summer....ahhh!

  2. Ohhh I'd like to try sounds YUM!!

    The only suggestion is the ole tried and true: Corona with a lime;)

    Hope your having a great week!

  3. Hubby likes Blue Moon in the summer.

  4. I'm a true Blue Moon a holic! So yummy with the orange slices :)