Friday, July 17, 2009

Motherly Advice

In just a few short weeks, my little baby girl will be turning 13. It’s a bittersweet moment for me. I’ve loved watching her grow up and become a young lady, but my time with her is dwindling . . . soon she will be off to college and creating her own life. When I stop and think about how fast 5 years will go, anxiety sits in. I also feel like the next few years are so important and will mold her into the person she will become . . . I pray I don’t screw things up too badly! While I was in the Hallmark store looking at birthday cards for her, I came across one that had a “Birthday To-Do List for My Daughter.” I don’t usually cry over cards, but this card, and the fact that my baby is turning 13, just really made me become very emotional in the card store! This is the card, along with a funny one that plays a song, that I will be giving my little girl on this very important birthday . . . I think it contains advice we could all be reminded of ~

* Don’t sit around waiting for somebody else to make you happy. Happy is a do-it-yourself kind of thing.

* Be true to yourself and to what you want out of life. Broken hearts heal, but broken dreams don’t.

* Make your own choices, but don’t forget – you’re the one who’ll have to live with them.

* Take chances now and then. Chance is just another way to say that life is waiting to open a door for you.

* Forgive others, and when you need to, forgive yourself. See the good all around you, even if you have to squint sometimes.

* Love who you are, and know that you are loved. Always, always. You are loved.


  1. I have a little book that I carry with me all the time for wrtiting things down for long term memory. It has special websites, passwords, my daugther's college tuition info (for pre-paid college) and now I'm adding this. This is something I'll want to remember for my daughter when she gets older. Thanks for posting!

  2. That is a sweet card. My daughter will be turning 13 in October. She is so excited, but like you I am feeling a bit emotional about it. She is my baby and she is growing up so fast and will be off on her own is just a short time. She is already planning a big birthday bash where her younger siblings won't be there to interrupt her fun time...haha

    Glad you enjoyed Thirsty Thursday...I look forward to it every week!

  3. Crying over here! What a great card!

  4. OH I LOVE IT!!! I may have to go grab that & save it for my DD..she will be 13 in Feb. It is sad & scary at the same time. In less than 4 mths my son will be driving...ALONE. whew I will need zanex for sure;)