Tuesday, March 10, 2009


  • Our new dog Harley SNORES!!! It is the cutest thing! Poor little thing must have been wiped out . . we were all laughing at his snoring and he didn't wake up at all. Fitting though that he is now in our family because my husband is a snorer.
  • Do you ever buy beauty products and then after a few days become too lazy to use them? I just bought eye cream because, well, I am at that age, and after a few days I just can't seem to manage that extra step of putting the eye cream on. Oh well.
  • Do you like my new Spring blog background? I get bored easily so I have a feeling my blog backgrounds will change quite frequently. Kinda like purses . . . change those often too. You don't even want to know how many purses I have. It's bad.
  • It has been in the 80s the past few days and now it is calling for freezing rain on Friday - what the @*$#???
  • Any tips on how to get my stepson from wetting himself at school and in the bed? He is in kindergarten and it seems when he is out on the playground he doesn't want to stop playing to go use the bathroom, so he ends up having an accident. My husband is afraid that soon the other kids will start teasing him.
  • Got any good beach/chick lit recommendations?

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  1. Our dog twitches or whimpers like when she dreams...so cute. So wish it was in the 80s...we have crap weather coming our way too. As far as your stepson, have the teacher remind him to use the bathroom before he plays...not sure about bedtime...I've never had to deal with that at home. Good luck. If you find some good reads, let me know. :)